Ecuador spans four vastly different worlds. From the endless reaches of the Amazon, to the breathtaking beauty of the Andes, to the pristine stretches of the Coast and the incomparable Galapagos Islands - each region boasts a unique landscape, environment, culture and weather, making Ecuador an ideal place to visit any time of the year.

Ecuador, Guayaquil & Coast

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The Churute Mangrove Reserve

How to get here:

The main access to the Reserve is situated on the road between the coastal cities of Guayaquil and Machala in the Province of El Oro. From Guayaquil take route 70 and then route 25 heading towards Naranjal. It is located in an area of relatively low humidity in the interior of the Gulf of Guayaquil and the lower River Guayas basin.

Manglares-Churute Ecological Reserve:

It is formed by a complex of canals with tidal waters that are a mixture of salt and freshwater and virtually untouched emerald-green islands, humid and dry forests and mist-covered hills.

The abundant plant life varies greatly from zone to zone, with 50 foot (15m) high of five varieties of mangroves in the coastal areas, vivid orchids in the forests and floating plants in the wetlands. The dry forest is also home to various medicinal plants.

To really get to know the area, a boat trip out to the mangroves with the local crab pickers is well worthwhile.

Another of the Reserve’s attractions is the opportiunity to see, and above all hear the audibly impressive howler monkeys that live here. Among the many mammals living within the Reserve’s borders are, white faced monkeys, and two-toed sloths.

The Reserve is also home to many wading and migratory birds from the North that rest here in March, April, November and December, especially on English Island, and El Canclón Lake. Along the marshy coastline the visitor can also find tree frogs, iguanas as well as the turtles which nest on its shores in the dry months of November and December.


  • El Canclón Lake,
  • The Churute hills
  • Mangrove forests

What to bring:

  • Insect repellent (minimum 30% DEET).
  • Sun screen.
  • Hat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Light, protective clothing (long sleeved shirt and long trousers).
  • Rain poncho or light, waterproof jacket during the rainy season.
  • Rubber boots.
  • Plenty of drinking water.
  • Binoculars for bird-watching.

Prices per person

5 - 9 Pax
2 - 4 Pax
1 Pax
USD 45
USD 59
USD 109


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